JunioTech instructors help with food delivery to Calgarians affected by COVID19

Join our fun online classes now! JunioTech Spring Season starts this Saturday!

Don’t forget to check out our JunioTech Kids Chaos comedy series on Youtube! Our juniotechs had so much fun programming NAO robots to star in movies! JunioTech Programs are truly one of a kind!

Haloween prank by JunioTech :)

Insider info! Absolutely mind-blowing Princeton Opening Ceremony for entering students. See if you can spot our Tim among students :)

Now that we have our very own insider at Princeton University, we thought we’d give you all a unique opportunity to witness how this Ivy League university welcomes their new students onto campus. The ceremony is absolutely mind-blowing and worth sharing – it somewhat resembles the scenes from the Harry Potter movie. See if you […]

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