Join our fun online classes now! JunioTech Fall 2021 Season starts next Saturday!

Dear JunioTechs and parents!

It’s September now, and there are still few more days left to grab the Early Bird Price discount for some classes!

Our Competitive Coding class (3-5 pm, age: 12+) was a big hit since we started it in the fall. We see enormous progress in our students’ coding and problem-solving skills fueled by the competitions and cash prizes offered in this class. Please note, there is a selection process to join this one-of-a-kind program, with priority given to the current competitive students and graduates from our Python Intermediate level programming classes. To join this program, please indicate your interest through the pre-registration step here: . Successful applicants will get the invitation email with the direct link for payment to finalize their registration. Students who haven’t gone through our Python training will be invited to the interview, where our instructors will assess their programming skills. Please, check out these Competitive Coding books published by our very own Tim Gubski. These books can help students get prepared for such programming tests and interviews: 

The new competitive season promises to be quite intense with 2 high-profile international competitions coming our way. Our students will use Python and learn Java to program their smart bots for these competitions. This is the best way to keep our students engaged in coding and give them constant exposure to programming. So, if your student completed our Intermediate coding class, this class is the best way to build their coding portfolio and improve their programming skills while having lots of fun at the competitions.

Check out the fragment from one of the previous classes to get a taste of this one-of-a-kind awesome program:

Fun Python Coding for kids, beginner (11 – 12:50 pm, age: 8+). This is a beginner-level program for those who just start learning to program and would like to have lots of fun doing so. Kids in this program learn fundamental programming concepts, such as variables, loops, and functions, while seeing cool actions happening on the screen as a direct result of their coding activity. To register for this program, please go to:


Fun Python Coding for kids, intermediate (1 – 2:50 pm, age: 8+). This program serves as a prerequisite for joining our Competitive Coding class. This program will teach more advanced coding concepts such as lists, arrays, and dictionaries. These concepts will prepare students for an advanced programming level that they will experience later when joining our Competitive Coding class. To register for this program, please go to:


Virtual Reality and Game Design with Unity (3-5 pm, age: 9+ ). If you want your kids to join the ranks of millionaires, creatives, and hobbyist coders who can design games and programs for Virtual Reality — then Unity is the free tool for them! This kick-off course gets you into the engine while working on your level design skills and introduces C# coding to students. This Unity class combines visual and programming skills making it a fun approach to the computer sciences. To register for this program, please go to:

Fun Web Development for kids (11 – 12:50 pm, age 8+). This new unique program proved to be very worthwhile for parents, especially those with small businesses, as the capstone project for this class is a professional-looking website built by the students under the mentorship of our instructors and hosted online, all for free! So, if you have a small business or know someone who needs a one-page website with free hosting, make sure to let them know about such a unique opportunity to get one through this JunioTech class while teaching this highly demanded skill to their kids! Here is the direct link to this program:

Machine Learning and AI Development for kids (1 – 2:50pm, age 9+). Machine Learning and AI are hot topics right now. Students who gain this valuable skill will definitely stand out whether they use the knowledge gained in the program for the science fair or research project, or just to amaze their family and friends.
Having an Android phone will definitely benefit students as that would allow them to test their applications right away. Alternatively, they would have to use the Android phone emulator on their computer which can sometimes slow down the testing. Any cheap Android phone or tablet will work for this course:


Electronics and Engineering with Arduino for kids (3 – 5pm, age 9+). This course is an absolute must for an aspiring electronic hardware hacker. In 12 classes we will cover basics of electronic theory and will have lots of hands on building cool projects using Arduino controllers. Program consists of 12 weekly online sessions of 2 hrs each and cost includes electronics kit that student will keep:


Last but not least, now that we have our very own insider at Princeton University, we thought we’d give all of our juniotechs a unique opportunity to witness how this Ivy League university welcomes their new students onto campus. The ceremony is absolutely mind-blowing and worth sharing – it somewhat resembles the scenes from the Harry Potter movie. See if you can spot our lead instructor, Tim Gubski, out there in the light blue T-shirt 🙂 Here is the link for those who are interested: /.


We are looking forward to yet another exciting season together with our brilliant-minded juniotechs!


Your JunioTech Team!