Computers for Sale

These computers are unused and very cheap. Please select laptops or desktop to see the computers.Also your computer will be delivered to you in less then 30 days!If its delivered more then 30 days then your order will be 80% off!

This is a desktop computer,we reccomend this for work use mainly because it is much faster but is not portable at all.Desktop computers are selling at the 200$ range.

We started this a couple days ago,first we made this website using html coding and then we got a lot of sponserships from Dell and well a lot of companys!After that we decided to upgrade their computers to make them even better so thats what we did.Now we sell it for very cheap prices so a lot of people can afford it.We also sell mostly Dell computers.Well thats the far...

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this is a laptop computer,although less powerful then a desktop laptops are super portable so it is great for people that travel and bring their computer with them.Laptop computers are selling around the 160$ range.

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