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In this competitive coding program we will prepare students for coding competitions with high profile exposure. Competitive coders who perform well at the programming competitions get noticed by the top universities, and top performers even get hired right away by big companies like Google, Apple, Amazon etc. We want to give our JunioTech students an early start in this highly desirable, highly competitive field. Students in this program will learn Java, Github and will practice tackling various coding challenges. Knowledge of intermediate coding concepts (such as arrays, functions and lists) is required to join this program. Priority will be given to students who have gone through our Intermediate Python Coding programs. If you're interested to be on a cutting edge of computer science, this is the course for you. The pre-registration is now open for this competitive class. Our instructors will meet to discuss all the applicants and their coding skills. Successful candidates will receive an invitation to join the competitive team and direct payment link to finalize their registration. The cost for this program is $357 for approved students.

Early Bird Price (Before 1969-12-31): $0 CAD

Regular Price: $0 CAD

Location: Online

Dates: TBD

Time: 12:00am MT

Register for The Program

Register for The Program