Have passion for Science, Robotics & Technology
are gifted & eager to learn more
are in love with Lego & cool robots 
have natural curiosity
are interested in engineering
Want to learn programming in a fun way
ask million questions on how things work
like breaking things to explore what’s inside
just want to try something smart
Ipsa scientia potestas est! (Knowledge is power!)

Our robotics workshops, camps & programs are designed to help kids  expand on their logical, social, academic potential in a fun way and through development of their creativity. With JunioTech every kid gets access to at least 1 EV3 set. We do not practice “one set for two kids” concept as we want all our kids to learn & progress in both their programming & robotics skills.

               Electronic Recycling Association is a non-profit organization committed to promoting environmental sustainability through effective electronic waste management. The ERA's key mandate is the reuse of electronics that have productive life remaining, and is committed to supporting charitable organizations through regular donations of refurbished electronic equipment. The ERA accepts unwanted electronics from both large corporations and individuals and offers robust data erasure services based upon the request of the donor. The ERA also offers convenient pick-up services and unique on-site data destruction as necessary. To donate your old equipment, or to apply for donation to your charity please visit  www.era.ca or contact 403 262 4488.



JunioTech offers fun robotics,  programming &  engineering programs for kids who:


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